Shock Control is the only protective ceramic reinforcement system easy to transport and to handle. Unlike systems traditionally used to deal with the problems of raised tiles breaking, Shock-King is much more versatile, affordable and easy to manage. It can be easily applied on site with a silicone roller and is ready for use.

It is advisable to apply Shock Control at your warehouse the evening before laying. If applied on site, make sure the environment and tiles are dry. Always clean the bottom surface of the tile with a dry cloth.
In the application on site, make sure that the climate is dry and if the slabs are wet, treat them beforehand with a special primer before applying Shock Control. Do not apply on site in the presence of salt, but apply the evening before in the warehouse

Starting from one of the sides, proceed to remove the protective flm, ensuring perfect adhesion of Shock Control to the ceramic surface.
Continue uniformly until the whole surface is adhered to with the aid of a silicone roller, avoiding the formation of creases or air bubbles.

CASE 1 - at the warehouse: place the already protected tiles in the classic diagonal staggering and leave overnight.
CASE 2 - on site: diagonally stagger the adhered tiles and start laying from the frst tile treated, so that the adhesive has time to set (about 30 minutes)

Taking the 60x60 cm tile and multiples as a reference, it is advisable to use a central support in order to reduce the bridging between the supports and to improve the seal in the event of accidental breakage of the ceramic.